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Github Implements Agency-Aware Identity

Github gave me a whole new reason to love them last week when they introduced agency-aware identity in their new organizations offering. Crazy cool. Now each of my clients can have their own Github organization and I can participate in … Continue reading

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Ive on Focus Groups

I was going to tell you about Jonathan Ive’s recent pithy pronouncement on focus groups to wit: “We don’t do focus groups,” he said firmly, explaining that they resulted in bland products designed not to offend anyone. But I won’t … Continue reading

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Thought Propulsion™ is Go For Burn

The Thought Propulsion™ corporate site is up and running. For the technically inclined, here are some interesting facts: hosted on Amazon EC2 using the extremely slick EC2 On Rails Ubuntu/Ruby on Rails virtual appliance there’s a tasty microformatted hcard on … Continue reading

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We Got Both Kinds!

Country & Western Gentleman Michelle Jones. UK The kind of openness promised by OpenSocial isn’t particularly valuable to users (oh that billion people.) Tim O’Reilly nails it with his economic analysis: If all OpenSocial does is allow developers to port … Continue reading

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A Curmudgeon We All Can Love

Douglas Crockford, purveyor of the JSONRequest spec, is cranky in a polite sort of way. He also happens to be right! Check out the video of his recent talk on The State of AJAX. Crockford takes us through a brief … Continue reading

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Gmail Thread URL

Why can’t I copy the URL for a Gmail thread into e.g. Google Calendar? That would be so useful! Actually I think there is an URL syntax that would work if I only knew the incantation. Wouldn’t it be nice … Continue reading

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Gmail Will Add Offline Mode and Sync in 2007

When I made this jyte claim a couple weeks ago (May 15, 2007) I believed it based solely on my personal experience of using web apps every day: A backlash is brewing against traditional thin-client web applications. Folks are tired … Continue reading

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Joyomi Free Edition Launched

As of this morning, Joyomi is available for everyone who’d like a free account. You’ve heard of a “to do” list, well Joyomi manages your “to get” list. Joyomi highlights overdue stuff and helps you get it back. If you’ve … Continue reading

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Rails IDE Goes Jurassic

About a year ago in Smalltalk Browser Goes Jurassic I lamented the fact that the Smalltalk browser UI was caught in a techno-aesthetic time warp and cheered the possibility that it might escape to the future and in doing so … Continue reading

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DemoCamp Dallas 1

Come to DemoCamp Dallas 1 and experience the cool emerging Web Apps from our own Dallas e10rs: Date: Thursday, February 15, 2007 – 6:30PM-8:00PM Location: Sabre Labs Room A-172. Which presumably means “don’t worry about it, just do the obvious … Continue reading

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