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Github Implements Agency-Aware Identity

Github gave me a whole new reason to love them last week when they introduced agency-aware identity in their new organizations offering. Crazy cool. Now each of my clients can have their own Github organization and I can participate in … Continue reading

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Watch a Video While You Work

I like to have a TED or SALT talk playing while I work on something mindless. The problem is that on my single 15″ display, there isn’t really enough room to keep my work and the video (window) side-by-side. I’d … Continue reading

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Usable Gmail Thread URL Arrives

I was optimistic that the Quick Links feature just released with the new Gmail Labs would scratch my itch for the ability to link to Gmail threads. Well Quick Links itself is pretty raw but I was able to use … Continue reading

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OS X Quality Problems

by Enzo D. (Zoen) I love my Macs. But dang it, I’ve encountered a couple annoying Leopard problems that have significantly impacted their value. First, my old iMac won’t connect via WPA2 to my Airport Extreme since upgrading to Leopard. … Continue reading

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NYT Multimedia Presentation Viewer

The New York Times’ multimedia presentation viewer is a thing of beauty. The example below is taken from a story on Benazir Bhutto. Flash wins again. Notice how hovering over the thumb yields a time-indexed image popup. Very fluid, very … Continue reading

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Flickr Attributions in WordPress

I’m tired of creating HTML attribution markup and style by hand every time I drop a Flickr photo into a post. I noticed the Yahoo Shortcut Plugin purports to address this issue. So I ended my procrastination and upgraded to … Continue reading

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Still Waiting for Gmail Thread URL

Update to Gmail Thread URL. Folks are claiming that the recently released (to some folks) Gmail “2.0” supports permalinks to threads (and various other resources e.g. inbox). I have the new version running on Firefox and I see no explicit … Continue reading

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Gmail Thread URL

Why can’t I copy the URL for a Gmail thread into e.g. Google Calendar? That would be so useful! Actually I think there is an URL syntax that would work if I only knew the incantation. Wouldn’t it be nice … Continue reading

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Apple Packaging Porno

Update 3/28/08:Here’s a young man of like mind: 

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Rails IDE Goes Jurassic

About a year ago in Smalltalk Browser Goes Jurassic I lamented the fact that the Smalltalk browser UI was caught in a techno-aesthetic time warp and cheered the possibility that it might escape to the future and in doing so … Continue reading

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