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Of Workmen, Tools and Logical Argument

I’ve often heard the saying “It’s a poor workman who blames his tools”.  Remember in 2009: Twitter: blaming Ruby for their mistakes. While I agree with the substance of that post (that Twitter could’ve picked different tools or made Ruby … Continue reading

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Run Google Chrome on Your Mac Now (with Extensions)

Google Chrome runs on your Mac now. Google Chrome supports Extensions now. Unfortunately, Google Chrome on your Mac doesn’t support extensions now. Well that’s not exactly true. It’s hard to find, but you can get the developer build of Chrome … Continue reading

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Upgrade OS X 10.5.8 to JDK 1.6

I didn’t find any clear instructions on upgrading the JDK on OS X so I thought I’d share my findings. First off, apparently Software Update does not automatically update the JDK. You have to manually download and run the updates. … Continue reading

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OOCSS + SASS = Fewer Classes On Your Elements

update 3/29/2009 8:23 AM: Turns out Chris Eppstein is way ahead of me. Check out Compass. It’s a project that delivers your favorite CSS frameworks as SASS mix-ins. Oh and also it integrated with your favorite Ruby web development framework. Stubbornella … Continue reading

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Flickr Attributions in WordPress

I’m tired of creating HTML attribution markup and style by hand every time I drop a Flickr photo into a post. I noticed the Yahoo Shortcut Plugin purports to address this issue. So I ended my procrastination and upgraded to … Continue reading

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Joyomi Free Edition Launched

As of this morning, Joyomi is available for everyone who’d like a free account. You’ve heard of a “to do” list, well Joyomi manages your “to get” list. Joyomi highlights overdue stuff and helps you get it back. If you’ve … Continue reading

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Interarchy S3 File Browser for OS X

I use Amazon S3 to store backups from EC2. For a while I’ve been thinking I ought to back up some of the S3 data once in a while but I’ve been putting it off. One reason I’ve been procrastinating … Continue reading

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Goodbye Cyberduck, Hello Transmit

I recently switched from Fugu to Cyberduck. At the time I considered moving to Panic’s Transmit but didn’t see how to get SSH certificate-based authentication to work. Well, a nice person at Transmit support answered my question. Interestingly, while perhaps … Continue reading

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Eliminate Subversion Passphrase Prompts with SSHKeychain

One of the things I really like about OS X is the Keychain Access application. Most Mac applications (but not Firefox) that deal with passwords or certificates enlist Keychain Access services. The upshot is that you don’t need to manage … Continue reading

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Goodbye Fugu, Hello Cyberduck

I’ve been using Fugu as my SFTP (SSH) client for a while now.  While I’m grateful for this free and serviceable program it is not without annoyances.  It’s a bit clumsy at certificate-based authentication.  You have to specify some pretty … Continue reading

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