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Go Quacks Right

In Ruby Module#include at Odds with Duck Typing I lamented the fact that Ruby wouldn’t treat an object as an Enumerable unless that object included the Enumerable interface explicitly. Well Google’s new Go language has no such limitation. If it quacks, … Continue reading

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OOCSS + SASS = Fewer Classes On Your Elements

update 3/29/2009 8:23 AM: Turns out Chris Eppstein is way ahead of me. Check out Compass. It’s a project that delivers your favorite CSS frameworks as SASS mix-ins. Oh and also it integrated with your favorite Ruby web development framework. Stubbornella … Continue reading

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Are Ruby Session ID’s Secure?

The question of the security of cookie-based session storage in Rails has pretty much been settled it seems to me. Out of the box, Rails uses cookie-based session storage. When you generate a new Rails app you get a nice … Continue reading

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Ruby Performance on Various VM’s

What started a few days ago as a little tinkering with a Google Code Jam practice problem (Big City Skyline) turned into a mini-benchmark of three Ruby VM’s on my MacBook Pro 2.2GHz. The program (a solution to the “Big … Continue reading

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Ruby Module#include at Odds with Duck Typing.

Ruby Module#include is at odds with Duck Typing. Imagine I’ve got a perfectly good class that produces the numbers 1 thru 5: I can of course invoke each with a block and print the numbers out: With predictable results. But … Continue reading

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