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Run Google Chrome on Your Mac Now (with Extensions)

Google Chrome runs on your Mac now. Google Chrome supports Extensions now. Unfortunately, Google Chrome on your Mac doesn’t support extensions now. Well that’s not exactly true. It’s hard to find, but you can get the developer build of Chrome … Continue reading

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A Gmail Devotee Experiments With Apple Mail and iPhone Mail App

I’ve been using Gmail since its inception and I’ve used it (the web interface) as pretty much my sole email interface for the past 18 months. During that same time I’ve been pretty much solely a Mac user and when … Continue reading

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OS X Quality Problems

by Enzo D. (Zoen) I love my Macs. But dang it, I’ve encountered a couple annoying Leopard problems that have significantly impacted their value. First, my old iMac won’t connect via WPA2 to my Airport Extreme since upgrading to Leopard. … Continue reading

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Migration of Rails Development from PowerBook to MacBook Pro Marred by Annoying OS X File Sharing

Well I spent yesterday getting the new computer in shape and it’ll now run all my Rails projects. Overall the process has been surprisingly easy. The initial 45 minute FireWire brain transfer was extremely effective. After that, most productivity apps … Continue reading

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Interarchy S3 File Browser for OS X

I use Amazon S3 to store backups from EC2. For a while I’ve been thinking I ought to back up some of the S3 data once in a while but I’ve been putting it off. One reason I’ve been procrastinating … Continue reading

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Goodbye Cyberduck, Hello Transmit

I recently switched from Fugu to Cyberduck. At the time I considered moving to Panic’s Transmit but didn’t see how to get SSH certificate-based authentication to work. Well, a nice person at Transmit support answered my question. Interestingly, while perhaps … Continue reading

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Firefox Tab Navigation in OS X

For those of you who like to keep your hands on the keyboard… Control-tab will cycle to the next tab to the right (and wrap at the end). Page-up and Page-down keys can be used to move to adjacent tabs … Continue reading

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Eliminate Subversion Passphrase Prompts with SSHKeychain

One of the things I really like about OS X is the Keychain Access application. Most Mac applications (but not Firefox) that deal with passwords or certificates enlist Keychain Access services. The upshot is that you don’t need to manage … Continue reading

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Goodbye Fugu, Hello Cyberduck

I’ve been using Fugu as my SFTP (SSH) client for a while now.  While I’m grateful for this free and serviceable program it is not without annoyances.  It’s a bit clumsy at certificate-based authentication.  You have to specify some pretty … Continue reading

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