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Gmail Will Add Offline Mode and Sync in 2007

When I made this jyte claim a couple weeks ago (May 15, 2007) I believed it based solely on my personal experience of using web apps every day: A backlash is brewing against traditional thin-client web applications. Folks are tired … Continue reading

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Two Big Improvements in Google Reader Subscription Process

In a recent post I lamented a couple usability problems with the Google Reader subscription process. I cited two problem areas. First, when you subscribe to a new feed, you’re forced to choose the target aggregator (Google Homepage vs. Google … Continue reading

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Pukkadita = Tagging for Google Reader via Pukka

Earlier this month I introduced Gordita — a little bookmarklet generator. The generated bookmarklet lets you tag not only the current web page, but more specifically the current item when you’re in Google Reader. Commenter Justin Hamilton asked for … Continue reading

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Streamline Feed Subscription in Google Reader

I have Firefox on the PowerBook configured to subscribe to “live (RSS) feeds” using Google Reader. This tight integration is nice, but there are two things that could be streamlined. When I click a subscription link, rather than have the … Continue reading

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Mac Workaround for Firefox Popup Bug in Gordita

As I mentioned, Gordita has a problem on Firefox 2.0. Here’s a workaround for Mac folks so you don’t have to leave the keyboard. What you’d like is a key combo that’ll switch from the current Firefox window to the … Continue reading

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Gordita = Tagging for Google Reader

update 4/3/2009: Feh! ate my JavaScript. Sorry y’all! Google Reader is the greatest, except when it’s not. Take shared items for instance. It’s convenient to simply click the share control while reading an item and to have that item … Continue reading

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