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Phil Schiller and Uncle Rico

Separated at birth?

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Secular Manger

My daughter Mia just gave me the best Christmas present ever!

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Portland On Fire

Raven Zachary, über-connector, has launched a nifty new site: that is profiling one Portlander a day. I’d like to know what his secret energy source is. If you’d like to know my secret foibles, check it out — I’m … Continue reading

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Flickr Attributions in WordPress

I’m tired of creating HTML attribution markup and style by hand every time I drop a Flickr photo into a post. I noticed the Yahoo Shortcut Plugin purports to address this issue. So I ended my procrastination and upgraded to … Continue reading

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Ruby Performance on Various VM’s

What started a few days ago as a little tinkering with a Google Code Jam practice problem (Big City Skyline) turned into a mini-benchmark of three Ruby VM’s on my MacBook Pro 2.2GHz. The program (a solution to the “Big … Continue reading

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The Physics of Snowblowing

Harry the homeowner needs to remove the snow from his driveway. He has a snowblower that accomplishes this task well for normal snowfall. However, it can’t clear the high drifts of plow-wash when the city snowplows clear off the street … Continue reading

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Twelve Days

I’ve been enjoying CrossFit for a few months now through Crossfit Plano. Many of the workouts have names — like “Fran” or “Cindy”. It’s often kind of like circuit training where you’re trying to work your way up to some … Continue reading

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