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Let Who Die?

I watched Ron Paul’s response to Wolf Blitzer’s medical insurance question and I do not hear anybody in the audience shouting “let him die”. I do hear strong applause in response to Paul’s comment “that’s what freedom is all about—taking your … Continue reading

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Finely Tuned

It’s hard to decide whether to loathe or applaud The BioLogos Forum. The purpose of the project is to convince evangelical Christians that evolution is real. Nobody can argue with that right? The world (certainly the United States) would be … Continue reading

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Google Sites Adds Keyboard Shortcuts

I love Google Sites (wiki). I just noticed a whole bunch of keyboard shortcuts on the “More actions” menu. More to love!

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Of Workmen, Tools and Logical Argument

I’ve often heard the saying “It’s a poor workman who blames his tools”.  Remember in 2009: Twitter: blaming Ruby for their mistakes. While I agree with the substance of that post (that Twitter could’ve picked different tools or made Ruby … Continue reading

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Github Implements Agency-Aware Identity

Github gave me a whole new reason to love them last week when they introduced agency-aware identity in their new organizations offering. Crazy cool. Now each of my clients can have their own Github organization and I can participate in … Continue reading

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Watch a Video While You Work

I like to have a TED or SALT talk playing while I work on something mindless. The problem is that on my single 15″ display, there isn’t really enough room to keep my work and the video (window) side-by-side. I’d … Continue reading

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Run Google Chrome on Your Mac Now (with Extensions)

Google Chrome runs on your Mac now. Google Chrome supports Extensions now. Unfortunately, Google Chrome on your Mac doesn’t support extensions now. Well that’s not exactly true. It’s hard to find, but you can get the developer build of Chrome … Continue reading

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Go Quacks Right

In Ruby Module#include at Odds with Duck Typing I lamented the fact that Ruby wouldn’t treat an object as an Enumerable unless that object included the Enumerable interface explicitly. Well Google’s new Go language has no such limitation. If it quacks, … Continue reading

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Phil Schiller and Uncle Rico

Separated at birth?

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Upgrade OS X 10.5.8 to JDK 1.6

I didn’t find any clear instructions on upgrading the JDK on OS X so I thought I’d share my findings. First off, apparently Software Update does not automatically update the JDK. You have to manually download and run the updates. … Continue reading

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