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Rails Vendor Branch Limbo

I’m upgrading a project from Rails 2.0.2 to Rails 2.1. This thing uses Comatose 0.8.1. Unfortunately, Comatose 0.8.1 isn’t compatible with Rails 2.1. Fine, I’ll just upgrade to Comatose 2.0 (uber-alpha) and that’ll work. Oops, Comatose 2.0 uber-alpha breaks Rails … Continue reading

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Usable Gmail Thread URL Arrives

I was optimistic that the Quick Links feature just released with the new Gmail Labs would scratch my itch for the ability to link to Gmail threads. Well Quick Links itself is pretty raw but I was able to use … Continue reading

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Processing with Squirrelfish

If you’re looking for some worthy code to run under your shiny new fast JavaScript register-based bytecode interpreter you might want to go play processing.js. Smoove.

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