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Xerox, The Re-Branding

Chris Griego got it right when he said: Before, I would hear Xerox and think of copiers. Now, I hear Xerox and think of copiers and awful logos.

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WordPress 2.3 Messes Up Your OpenID Delegation

by akashgoyal If you use your WordPress blog as an OpenID (as I do) via a link rel=’openid.delegate’ tag (that delegates to an external OpenID service) then you may be locked out of your accounts after upgrading to WordPress 2.3.x. … Continue reading

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Portland On Fire

Raven Zachary, über-connector, has launched a nifty new site: that is profiling one Portlander a day. I’d like to know what his secret energy source is. If you’d like to know my secret foibles, check it out — I’m … Continue reading

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NYT Multimedia Presentation Viewer

The New York Times’ multimedia presentation viewer is a thing of beauty. The example below is taken from a story on Benazir Bhutto. Flash wins again. Notice how hovering over the thumb yields a time-indexed image popup. Very fluid, very … Continue reading

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