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Still Waiting for Gmail Thread URL

Update to Gmail Thread URL. Folks are claiming that the recently released (to some folks) Gmail “2.0” supports permalinks to threads (and various other resources e.g. inbox). I have the new version running on Firefox and I see no explicit … Continue reading

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We Got Both Kinds!

Country & Western Gentleman Michelle Jones. UK The kind of openness promised by OpenSocial isn’t particularly valuable to users (oh that billion people.) Tim O’Reilly nails it with his economic analysis: If all OpenSocial does is allow developers to port … Continue reading

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A Curmudgeon We All Can Love

Douglas Crockford, purveyor of the JSONRequest spec, is cranky in a polite sort of way. He also happens to be right! Check out the video of his recent talk on The State of AJAX. Crockford takes us through a brief … Continue reading

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