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Gmail Thread URL

Why can’t I copy the URL for a Gmail thread into e.g. Google Calendar? That would be so useful! Actually I think there is an URL syntax that would work if I only knew the incantation. Wouldn’t it be nice … Continue reading

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Migration of Rails Development from PowerBook to MacBook Pro Marred by Annoying OS X File Sharing

Well I spent yesterday getting the new computer in shape and it’ll now run all my Rails projects. Overall the process has been surprisingly easy. The initial 45 minute FireWire brain transfer was extremely effective. After that, most productivity apps … Continue reading

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Apple Packaging Porno

Update 3/28/08:Here’s a young man of like mind: 

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:has_many Associations with Complex Joins (Kind of)

In this episode, your fearless Jedi delves within the dark tree of associations, with_scope, inner joins, duck typing and meta-programming all in an effort to keep DRY… In Joyomi I create an Omi when I lend you a book. I … Continue reading

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ID Proliferation Eradication Technique #1: Leverage with page.insert

update 3/29/2009 8:34 AM: In November, 2007 Brad Wilson pointed out an even cleaner fix. Rather than relying on you can just use page.literal to inject (literal) JavaScript code right where you want it. So recasting my example using … Continue reading

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