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Safari 3 Beta Nav List Eschews Anchors in Favor of CSS cursor Property and Click Events

The Safari 3 Public Beta page has a nice little navigation list in the middle: 12 reasons you’ll love Safari. It’s kind of “semantic” markup since it uses an ordered list to enumerate the choices (as opposed to e.g. a … Continue reading

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Heinous Corner-Rounding of the Day Award (HCROD) #1: Powells Books (div per image)

My sister recently sent me an (online) gift certificate to Powells books. I just love those stores but had never been to the web site. It turns out that the site, like the stores, is exceptionally cool. You can browse … Continue reading

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Gmail Will Add Offline Mode and Sync in 2007

When I made this jyte claim a couple weeks ago (May 15, 2007) I believed it based solely on my personal experience of using web apps every day: A backlash is brewing against traditional thin-client web applications. Folks are tired … Continue reading

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