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RegisterFly Impact Registry on

As you may know, this site was a casualty of the recent RegisterFly meltdown. Notwithstanding some cordial emails from my ICANN Ombudsman (“… thank you for message. ICANN has forwarded your message to Registerfly and asked them to assist you. … Continue reading

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Interarchy S3 File Browser for OS X

I use Amazon S3 to store backups from EC2. For a while I’ve been thinking I ought to back up some of the S3 data once in a while but I’ve been putting it off. One reason I’ve been procrastinating … Continue reading

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RegisterFly Me Harder

Well the domain is a casualty of the RegisterFly debacle so you’re reading this at the replacement domain You know … the many frustrating hours wasted trying to recover ownership, and the money spent on replacement domains and … Continue reading

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The Physics of Snowblowing

Harry the homeowner needs to remove the snow from his driveway. He has a snowblower that accomplishes this task well for normal snowfall. However, it can’t clear the high drifts of plow-wash when the city snowplows clear off the street … Continue reading

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