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The Technology Adoption-Standardization-Prevention Cycle

I’m trying to optimize my google reader experience, and fly through feeds as effeciently as possible. For me, this means keeping my hands on the keyboard, and off the mouse. Reader uses the j/k keys to go up and down, … Continue reading

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Simple Good, Complex bad… Or Vice-Versa?

In a recent article, Joel on software claims that simplicity is overrated, that users want more features, and the single thing his company does to drive more sales is to release a new version of an existing product with more … Continue reading

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Foolproof AJAX Progress Indicator

Bruce Williams is right on in Avoiding AJAX Faux Pas where he lists four inviolable conditions your AJAX code must meet. The first two conditions address the need to show (then hide) a visual progress indicator to let the user … Continue reading

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Put NULLS Last on MySQL

NULLs are a wonderful but strange feature of SQL. They are the source of some deep coolness but also some lost hair. One place where NULLs can bite you is when you are sorting. The way you sort in SQL … Continue reading

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The Unix tools philosophy: The Big Lie or The Big Missed Opportunity?

The Unix tools philosophy is so well known and oft-repeated that it has become mantra to many. As with so many habitual, memorized responses, like blessing someone after a sneeze, we rarely think deeply about the words said, and what … Continue reading

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