Streamline Feed Subscription in Google Reader

I have Firefox on the PowerBook configured to subscribe to “live (RSS) feeds” using Google Reader. This tight integration is nice, but there are two things that could be streamlined.

  1. When I click a subscription link, rather than have the subscription go directly to Google Reader, I’m presented with an intermediate page that asks me my preferred destination: Google Homepage vs. Google Reader. Every… Single…Time
  2. After selecting “add to Google Reader” at that screen, I’m taken to the subscription in Google reader (good!) but there is no effecient way to tag the new feed. The first thing I always want to do is tag that new feed and I can’t do it. Google Reader taunts me with the per-item “Edit tags:” control — but for some impenetrable reason, a tag applied that way pertains only to a single item — not the feed itself. Never mind that you can never navigate back to an item w/ this sort of fine-grained tag.

In order to tag the newly added feed, my approach is to navigate to the “Manage subscriptions…” page; command-f (find) the feed of interest; click the “Change folders…” drop-down and apply my tags. Sheesh. There has to be a better way.

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