Goodbye Fugu, Hello Cyberduck

I’ve been using Fugu as my SFTP (SSH) client for a while now.  While I’m grateful for this free and serviceable program it is not without annoyances.  It’s a bit clumsy at certificate-based authentication.  You have to specify some pretty arcane SSH command-line options (-oIdentityFile=).  By itself that wouldn’t be so bad if Fugu didn’t forget those options with every restart — forcing me to re-enter them.  The other shortcoming of Fugu is that it only edits with a single program – the so-called “text editor”.  It’s configurable which is good — but there’s only one of ’em.  What if you have multiple editors for different kinds of files?

Well I’ve been thinking of switching to Panic Transmit for a while.  The Panic apps are just beautiful and Cocoa-licious. While there is no explicit mention of SSH in the text of the Transmit page, I did notice a picture that showed SFTP configuration, so I decided to give Transmit a try.  Unfortunately there appears to be no way to induce Transmit to do certificate-based authentication.  Apparently only username/password is supported.

Enter Cyberduck.   It’s a Cocoa app like the other two.  Unlike Fugu, this one remembers settings across restarts.  Cyberduck even has a nice little tray that pops out with your site “bookmarks”. And unlike Transmit, this one does a great job with certificate-based authentication — going beyond Fugu’s cryptic command-line escapes and letting me pick the certificate file from a nice file finder.  The other nice thing is that like Transmit, this one supports multiple editors.  Very nice.  Cyberduck: it takes a few more seconds to download (from TLD .ch = Switzerland) — but it’s definitely worth the wait.

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2 Responses to Goodbye Fugu, Hello Cyberduck

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  2. matt says:

    I’ve been a user of transmit for years but everytime I upgrade they ask me for more money. I know they’re a small company but its becoming ridiculous, I recently downloaded the latest upgrade and now they want another 20 bucks. so I’ve had it.
    sorry transmit. I’m giving cyberduck a shot (despite their goofy icon)

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