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Your Blog’s Your Identity Server With OpenID

XML Grrl Eve Maler pushed a string on identity standards for us long-tailers that piqued my interest in OpenID. Are you the kind of blogger who requires readers to authenticate to comment or do you allow open comments? Most blog … Continue reading

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Tell TextMate About Your RJS Templates

As explanations go, it doesn’t get much more straightforward than Cody Fauser’s excellent post on Rails RJS Templates. When you try it out though, you may notice that TextMate doesn’t know that RJS templates which by convention have an “.rjs” … Continue reading

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I submitted a Rails/ defect describing how Ajax.InPlaceEditor is stripping paragraph tags when loading the textfield/textarea. While waiting for the Universe to respond, I’ve had some time to research the issue a little more. Interestingly, the behavior seems to have … Continue reading

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Smalltalk Browser Goes Jurassic

dabbledb is one of the two coolest web apps I’ve seen in the past month (more on the other in an upcoming post). It’s just amazing and it wouldn’t be possible without Squeak — a robust, free Smalltalk envirionment, and … Continue reading

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Smalltalk Browser Goes Jurrasic (sic)

I misspelled Jurassic in my original title and slug. Here’s the corrected post.

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